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Digital Avenue is a Chinese Social Media Marketing agency in China, offering Weibo and WeChat marketing services. With a diverse international team, we help global businesses expand to China.
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Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing in China

With more than $400b in online retail sales and 600m online shoppers, the size and growth of the Chinese e-commerce market are so vast that they can no longer be ignored by anybody. However, in order to succeed, a carefully crafted digital business strategy has to be executed. This is where we come into play.

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Wechat and Weibo China Marketing Digital Avenue

Market Analysis in a Snap

Our simple, yet effective market analysis process.

1. Initiate Project

Together with the client we define project scope and targets.

2. Background Research

Our team will thoroughly research the market pertinent to your products and industry.

3. Reporting

After gathering and analyzing the data, we create and deliver a report of findings along with applicable recommendations.

4. Debrief

Together with the client we go through the results and action items in order to find an optimal way for client to move forward.

Retail E-Commerce

We offer a complete suite of services to cover the purchase-to-pay process.

Official Accounts

Full service approach to the application, provision and content for WeChat official accounts.

eCommerce Store

A popular and trusted in app store set up for you business. POS transactions are convenient, quick and user friendly for your business and your customer.


Targeted Advertising setup and management. Engage with customers to generate awareness and user experience through targeted relevant content


Merchant service and system for consumer mobile wallet payment.

Our Strengths

Experienced Consultants

Our team is made up of Chinese and foreign digital business consultants, who together have several decades of experience in China and the marketing domain

Effectiveness and Efficiency

By developing customized solutions and approaches, we can ensure target achievement at lowest cost possible

Hassle-free Operations

Through our ability to offer official WeChat accounts with direct Chinese market access, we can ensure streamlined operations

Stay Ahead of the Game

With offices based in both Shanghai and Berlin, we are always up-to-date on pertinent market trends

Reaping Quick Wins

In addition to providing long-term support, we always ensure harvesting of low-hanging fruits, i.e. quick wins

Gateway to China

Regardless of whether you already have a footprint in China or not, we can still help you to accelerate your growth


Additional services to empower your Chinese digital marketing strategy.

SOE/SEM Optimization

Improve the visibility of your Chinese website

We provide cost-effective solutions for SOE/SEM optimization

WeChat store Digital Avenue
CRM Outsourcing

Let us take care of your customer service

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce complaints!

WeChat HTML5 Mini Sites
WeChat ”Mini Programs”

We can help you to create bespoke mini programs for WeChat

Create a unique user experience and reduce app dependency!

China KOL marketing Digital Avenue
KOL Deployment

Using KOLs is an effective means to boost sales

We can provide access to relevant KOLs with respect to your products and industry!

Ready to Enter the Chinese Digital Market?

With offices in both Germany and China, we have a deep understanding of both Western and Chinese culture and how to bridge the two.

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